Tuesday, April 17, 2018

out of doors and the pink fluff culprit

Today is the first day I have felt more like living another! Though I was very conservative using the meds after surgery, I went through three days of dismal withdrawals, and if you do not know what they are, and how would you...it is a death wish, days and nights of concocting plans to do yourself in - no sleep, extreme nausea, pains all the way up to and through your astral body- all the way to the neighbors house, sick. I am such a wimp! Too sensitive for just about any drugs at all, I guess.
But I do now understand the urge, the temptation to take just one more to make the discomfort vanish for at least an hour!  I am humbled! 

and on this day, the sun came out for a few minutes, I walked outside for a brief look around the yard.
I think that I am out of the woods with this damned thing!
At least the drug part of it.

The two vent holes  beneath the eaves,had wire over them and new wood around them are where the culprit tossed out the insulation, chewed up the wire mesh, and chewed her way in, to have her babies, of course. 

We have decided to let her stay until the babies are mature enough to leave.
Mr. Man bought a new house for them ,putting it up high on a branch in the Plum tree.
so we wait...

she is a pretty little thing, all shiny and plump, the baby daddy comes for peanuts , eats as many as he can and takes the rest to her.
Things are getting better!
Got a voucher for my flight but must use it before February 8, 2019. If the world is still in one piece by then I am thinking to go to Hawaii . Why not!Mr. Man will probably be agreeable to that trip, There are Cost Co's on the island!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

cherry blossoms , tulips leaving

Still housebound, nauseous , bored flat out!  Mr. Man bought some off brand laundry detergent, did several loads of laundry. I did not know about the detergent and thought the terrible odor was ME, or the meds that I was taking. So I weaned myself off of the meds, ( difficult!!!) took two showers a day...but still the sickening odor seemed to be everywhere...finally well enough to do a load of laundry...AH HA!!!! So, everything that had been washed for the past three weeks had to be washed again and sometimes another 2 times to get rid of the nauseating odor. 

Every now and then I catch a whiff and  wretch. One last load of sheets in the washer now , having been washed twice today already. I noticed on the ground outside  loads of pink fluff  on the grass, thought some one must have groomed their pink dog close by

It is insulation. Probably from the dryer vent, hole, thing. So, I will wait to dry them until I can be sure I will not catch the house on fire. I have to wait for Mr. Man, because I can not bend to look...not that I would know what to do about it anyway. 
So, that is life in neck jail , all I really want to do is be normal again. Patience is a skill...

Sunday, April 8, 2018

dog in the boy's house and Satanism

Rosetta, Mexican dough nut, but they call her Rosie, saved from a  kill shelter, has moved into the house of Erik. His room mate saved her, had her spade, and they all love her beyond measure! She is a cutie and looks very much like Steve and Dave's dog, Olga. 
She came just in time to perk up the household, Crumby Portland weather, Erik quit his corporate job, simply had enough! 
This little girl keeps everyone from depression.

Erik sent this to me on FACEBOOK. The tenants  of Satanism, which make such perfect sense!

I am awake most of the night, cat naps during the day. The best radio programming on NPR happens all during the wee hours so I have  good company. I am glad our house is more than a two bedroom cabin, I would go mad! Madder, actually. Cabin fever, boredom for I am unable to do anything,can not lift, bend, look up or down do art, read. This will last another six weeks and then I can gently turn my head. I can not imagine a lifetime of jail, physical or otherwise. 

Thursday, April 5, 2018

The ER and a real emergency

Lovely to see Mrs. Plum pumping out blossoms.

Since I am in neck jail, can not look up or down or sideways, can not drive, or go out alone, My wings clipped, the wind out of my sails, tethered!!! Neck jail!

I will not go into detail, for therein lives the devil. Utter slice of hell.
Emergency surgery on my neck, either that or lose my left arm completely. No choice, really , as arms do come in handy. 
And so, Two horrendous trips the the ER, and a trip to hospital for Cervical fusion. Mr. Man proved to be the very best nurse possible in this world! 24 hours a day!!
He has saved my life, what is left of it!
Incredible pain, unrest, not sufficient pain management, wept and paced through three days and three nights before  the doctor could  be reached. I can not take opiates and asked for something other, finally got it. This is a few days shy of three weeks since the slicing of neck, bone graft from some unfortunate dead person, stem cells from my hip and screws to stick it all together. 
I swear , if I ever have to do this again, I am going to tie myself up in a hefty bag and lie on the tracks like garbage, they will never know that my head has been severed, and how thoughtful I was to put myself in a hefty bag for tidy removal!

Stella, in her stellar way, brought so many delicious home cooked meals and smoothies, I want to marry her and keep her in my kitchen all the day! 
Needless to say I had to cancel my trip with her at the end of May , to Finland. She will go without me and I will be jealous!
This surgery takes quite a long time from which to heal, the bone must grow, and I must behave.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

accidental art in the kitchen, and I can not live without you

Before I washed my glass that I use for milk coffee, I noticed this very nice scum on the edge, photo worthy! 
As is my skillet, As the coconut oil cooled it formed this magnificent message, "Get thee to a beach".

Instead, as I awakened to snow this morning, I decided to take the news paper back to bed with me., nothing much of interest except these two obituaries. 
"When you go , I am going with you!" 

They stated at one point in their lives that they could not live, one without the other. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

VD and a lost contest

Above you see the bouquet from our Stella for Valentine's day. I made one for her but tossed it in the trash because it was so terribly made. 
Below are the usual generic roses from Mr. man, bless him.

I have been out of commission for a bit. I played hard core tug of war with the studio pooch and he won. My right arm is pulled out of shape all the way from wrist to mid back and everywhere in between. Advil does not even come close to touching the discomfort. Heat is the only thing making it better. So, have not been able to do anything right handed lately.

I had to go to the DOL to renew my driver's license. I thought I did it online, sent money, filled out everything they wanted. But nothing came in the post. I tried to phone them, no answer, then I got two emails from them saying that my license would be sent tomorrow ...and then another saying that my license would never come because it had expired...Bogus site! 
Went to the bank after the DOL, luckily got a refund and a new card.
Minor hassle but monumental when my arm feels like it has polio. 

The thing about the tug of war is that the pooch is tiny, he has a mighty grip, like a pit bull, and is a little mass of muscle ,  I have been humbled.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

birds gotta swim

This area is known for loads of rain, A given, Since I have been back it has rained 22 days in a row, non stop, all day all night, I lie, there was a twenty minute let up, mid day a few days ago, everyone lost their minds with joy! 

Chuckanut drive, the scenic road that should have never been built , due to instability and gravity, always has boulders crashing down on the road, mudslides, and washouts. It was built above cliffs that fall directly into the sound. A narrow  twisty curvy road that is absolutely breathtaking in it's beauty - loads of car commercials shot here. 
Loads of lives lost here as well.
I came close!
Early in the morning driving home from work I totaled my car on this drive and nearly went over the edge, bounced off of the guard rail, overcompensated -slammed into the rock hillside-bounced off of the boulders and back into the guard rail, like a pin ball wizard.
The road can be slippery.

Below, a biker on  the trail by my friend's house a  mile south of me.

usually these drift wood sculptures are high and dry in the artists yard. He commented that , good to use wood!

Everywhere sounds like a water fall, 
melting,  gushing, and wouldn't South Africa benefit from some of this? 
Balance is just another word...

On the road way, not a real waterfall, just rain runoff!
Oh, in case you were wondering "Chuckanut" comes from a native term for " long beach far from narrow entrance". I always thought it had something to do with squirrels, wrong, again...
and, follow up on Emily's fiance
He had to wait for his insurance to kick in at the first of February before he could be seen for his symptoms.
His death so easily could have been prevented had it not been for our system here, of "let them die!"

out of doors and the pink fluff culprit

Today is the first day I have felt more like living another! Though I was very conservative using the meds after surgery, I went thro...